Information & Instructional Technology

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IT Staff

As the IIT department of the Val Verde Unified School District it is our passion to support the district vision and mission through the use of technology.

Preparing students to become responsible, knowledgeable and contributing citizens of the 21st century is the reason why we exist.

As our students embark on an ever changing world they are no longer simply expected to have an understanding of computers, standard office programs and the Internet. Technology is ever accelerating in ability and complexity, bringing with it a world without traditional boarders or barriers to what can be accomplished. Graduates today are expected to not only operate in a global society but thrive, contributing their own wisdom and ingenuity through seamless communications and the ability to collaborate on a variety of devices and platforms.

As a district we do not simply train our students in how to operate technology, but we teach them to use it as an integral resource to further their education in a responsible manner, as a platform on which to build whatever future they can dream of. In a world where social media is as commonplace as a billboard, it is our goal that our students would leave a digital footprint representing their best character, passion, creativity and value.

“It’s not about the technology.”

Even though the love of technology flows within our souls we are not a technology department. We are a people department that happens to use technology.

We are passionate about supporting our students, parents and staff and we strive to do this with excellence. With every phone call we take, ever server we build, every website we design, every program we develop, every device we deliver and every person we train what brings the most satisfaction to our job is seeing the students and staff we support taking what we provide and doing something amazing with it. We may create the magic, but they make it perform.

Now let’s show the world what our kids can do!

Matt Penner
Director of Information and Instructional Technology, CCTO
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