Fiscal Services

Fiscal Services handles the following areas:
Accounts payable
Accounts Receivable
ASB oversight
Attendance Accounting
Categorical Progam Accounting
Fiscal Reporting
General Fund Accounting
Travel and Conference Payments
2nd Interim Financial Presentation    
Name Title Duties Extension
Nicole Orr Clerk Typist III Accounts payable 10606
Karen Marks Account Clerk III Payroll 10604
Lisa Davis Account Clerk III Accounts payable 10612
Ashley Paculba Account Clerk III Accounts payable 10640
Tonya Jimenez-Sanders Manager - Federal / State Programs Categoricals 10647
Wendy Rodriguez Accounting Specialist Payroll Substitutes & Stipends 10617
Rosalba Garcia Accounting Specialist Payroll A-C 10624
Jessica Martinez Accounting Technician Accounts payable 10613
Angelica Garcia Accounting Technician Payroll K-Rh 10627
Irene Becerra Accounting Technician Budget/Accounts Receivable 10610
Sean Nicholas Accounting Technician ASB/Attendance 10614
Elizabeth Quezada Accounting Technician Payroll Ri-Z 10621
Valeria Garcia Accounting Technician Payroll D-J 10622
Moira Borja Manager Payroll/Budget 10615
Raul Ochoa Budget/Fiscal Analyst ASB/Position Control 10641
Kristin Merritt Director Fiscal Services 10605