Business Services

We strive to provide quality services that support and enhance the learning environment for our students. All departments within our division integrate the division core values into their planning and activities. As a result we are CUSTOMER FOCUSED with our services; we are COMMITTED to quality support; we are CONTINUALLY IMPROVING our processes and procedures; and, we work extremely hard to improve our COMMUNICATION with each other and with other sites and departments in the District. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Phone: (951) 940-6110
Fax: (951) 940-6111

Darrin Watters
Deputy Superintendent - Business Services Division
Ext. 10601

Vanessa Snell
Secretary to the Deputy Superintendent
Ext. 10601
  Darrin Watters
Darrin Watters, Deputy Superintendent

Kristin Merritt
Fiscal Services 
Bob Quanstrom
Food Services 
Daniel Whitfield
Risk Management 
Stacy Strawderman 
Facilities, Contracts, & Purchasing Services 
Peter Davenport
Maintenance & Operations

2017-18 2nd Interim Financial Report Financial Archive 
2017-18 2nd Interim Financial Report Presentation Organizational Chart 
2017-18 1st Interim Financial Report
2017-18 1st Interim Financial Report Presentation
2017-18 Adopted Budget
2017-18 Adopted Budget Presentation
2016-17 Annual Audit
2016-17 Unaudited Actuals  
2016-17 EPA Report
2016-17 2nd Interim Financial Report
2016-17 1st Interim Financial Report
2016-17 Adopted Budget